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SCREW PAN 5X11.5(91509GE2760S)

SCREW PAN 5X11.5(91509GE2760S)

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Part Number-91509GE2760S

Fits In These Models Glamour BSVI Techno OBD II(Jan,2023),Glamour Canvas(Oct, 2022),Glamour 125 BS-VI Refresh (May,2022),Glamour IBS NEW (Aug,2019),Glamour (Mar, 2019),Glamour iBS (Feb, 2019),Glamour FI BSIV (Oct, 2018),Glamour i3S (Mar, 2017),Glamour (Mar, 2017),Glamour (Nov, 2014),Glamour (Nov, 2013),Glamour (May, 2012),Glamour Xtec 125 (Sept,2022),Glamour i3S BSVI (Oct, 2021),Glamour Xtec (July, 2021),Glamour FI-iBS BSVI (Jan, 2021),Glamour FI-BSVI (Mar, 2020),Glamour FI (Mar, 2017),Glamour FI (Sep, 2016),Glamour
Description SCREW PAN 5X11.5
Also Known As
Quantity per box 20
Manufacturer HERO
Brand Name HERO

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