Is Your Spare Part Genuine?

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    • HERO GENUINE PARTS popularly known as HGP are the only certified parts for your Hero two-wheelers.
    • They are engineered with precision as a perfect fit for your bike to provide you with enhanced and unmatched performance.
    • Every part goes through a strenuous test of critical quality checkpoints before becoming a Hero Genuine Part.
    • The entire HGP portfolio despite its highest quality standards is priced in an affordable manner to lower the parts replacement cost of our customers.

Test of Genuineness:

Keeping in mind the safety of all our users, we at Honda recommend you to use only genuine spare parts in Honda products. All Honda genuine parts comply to stringent quality norms and meet the Honda global quality standards.

For easy identification, all Honda Genuine Parts contain a high security MRP Label.

New MRP label

Old MRP label

Genuine Yamaha Spare Parts are the Number 1 Choice when maintaining any Yamaha vehicle because they are specifically developed and designed in conjunction with the product.

When using Genuine Yamaha Spare Parts, you are ensured of:

  • Perfect fit.
  • Proven use of high-quality materials.
  • High resistance to wear and tear.
  • Proven safety standards.
  • Any technical updates where necessary.

You can see specific details on each product when clicking on the banners below, they help explain more about the ‘Real Quality of Genuine Yamaha Spare Parts'. We offer thousands of Yamaha motorcycle parts to repair or restore your Yamaha vehicle to original factory condition. Genuine Parts ensure safety to the riders and Genuine parts are supported by Yamaha manufacturing quality standards to achieve maximum performance of your vehicle all the time. Navigate your Yamaha's schematics below to find Yamaha replacement parts for your vehicle.

Why Buy Original Parts ?

  • Regular operation of your vehicle causes wear and tear of components. To ensure that your car continues to be reliable, economical and safe, you need to regularly and scientifically replace components during maintenance schedules.
  • Tata Motors Original Parts, when used, ensure an optimum ownership cost of the vehicle and in a developing country like ours, road safety is yet another important aspect which needs attention at all costs. This is possible only through usage of TOP, where manufacturing and material come together to create superior and dependable spares.
  • By using TOP, you will be contributing significantly towards environmental protection in the larger interests of society and mankind.

How to identify TOP?

While selecting TOP, look out for the identifiable blue and white packaging provided for cars, UVs and Nano vehicle parts. The Tata and TOP logos are clearly depicted on the packaging. Also, look out for the MRP label with hologram that shows maximum retail price of the unit. Always insist on Tata Motors Original Parts, they are economical, durable safe and most importantly, reliable.

Why choose Philips lights?

    • Optimal lighting performance for your safety and comfort.
    • ECE certification and homologation for 100% road legal usage.
    • Original Equipment for the most reliable performance.
    • Sustainability: lead and mercury-free products - because we care.

How To Identify Bajaj Genuine Parts ?

  1. "Touch & Feel Effect"

    Touch the Gold Holographic Strip to feel no height difference with paper lable.

  2. "Switch Effect"

    A. When label is in horizontal position,word " BAJAJ " is prominently seen in Gold Holographic Strip.
    B. When label is rotated by 90 degrees in clock wise " GENUINE PARTS " will appear prominently in Gold Holographic Strip.

  3. "Colour Change"

    This is an Unique feature where specific area on Gold Holographic Strip when tilted at an extreme angle, it turns from metallic to bright Blue / Green colour.

  4. "Transparent Holographic Label"

    Transparent Holographic Strip with an Unique Design at top right hand corner of the label.

  5. "Hidden Text"

    When the Gold Holographic Strip is Scratched with help of coin, word " GENUINE " will appear.




To protect the customers against fraudulent practices, and to ensure that the parts Customer purchases are adequately protected with security to prevent counterfeiting.

  • Every TVS Genuine parts comes with a QR code printed on it.
  • The QR code will help the Customer to identify and confirm Genuineness of the parts he purchased
  • QR Code is known as Quick Response Code
  • This is a 2D barcode used to provide easy access to information through a smartphone.



TVS genuiness




TVS Genuine Parts are designed & engineered specially for your vehicle. Our R & D has designed and constructed every part to ensure optimum performance of the vehicle

These parts are also tested under various simulated extreme conditions to ensure Quality, Reliability & Durability.

TVS Motor Company endeavor to ensure easy availability of Genuine parts to its customers in Domestic and International Market through our vast network of Authorized Main Dealers, Authorized Parts Stockist and Distributors

We strongly recommend the usage of TVS Genuine Parts for longer life and improved performance for your vehicle and also ensures personal safety.